100% success rate

Indigenous Trainees Seeking Work


Indigenous readiness scores 100% success rate

17 June 2010

A local Indigenous employment readiness program has scored a 100% success rate, with all participants gaining either a permanent contract or casual employment at Dubbo’s Big W store.

The efforts of the 13 local Indigenous job seekers aiming for a career in retail will be recognised in a graduation morning tea at Carlton House at 11am on Tuesday 22 June. Partners in the project, Diversity Dimensions and OEC Employment, are extremely enthusiastic about the results of the program, with eight of the 13 participants gaining permanent employment at Big W and the other five securing casual employment. CEO of OEC Employment, Ian Stanford said the success of the Resourcing the Future program was largely due to the one-on-one guidance from Diversity Dimensions and OEC, as well as support from an Indigenous mentor from AES and a close partnership with Big W’s management team.

“The aim of the workshop was to help the participants develop an understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses and prepare them for entering the workplace,” Mr Stanford said. “Feedback from the participants showed us that they didn’t realise the skills they already had and could bring to a workplace, while it was important to tailor the training to a level that they could relate to, using the right language and settings that they were comfortable with. The course addressed basic job readiness skills, work place expectations and work ethic and the results have proven the people involved were genuinely ready and willing to join the workforce.”

As part of the training, all 13 participants learnt about the induction process and all areas of retail operations at Dubbo’s Big W store.

“Support from OEC Employment and an AES indigenous mentor gave the participants the tools to resolve any issues that might have been a barrier to them completing the program,” Mr Stanford said.

The Big W management team worked closely with the jobseekers and OEC to provide performance feedback and help assess the participants’ interests and suitability for various positions at the store.

“These people are now regarded as valuable team members by Big W and it is great to see their self confidence and their faith in their own ability grow so much as part of this program.”

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