Diversity Dimensions is a leading provider of specialist services for workforce employment and diversity management programs.

We partner with corporate, government and higher education organisations who share our commitment to making positive workplace change a reality.

By focussing on all four dimensions of diversity;

  • purpose
  • performance
  • people
  • place

We design programs that support organisations throughout the journey toward workplace diversity.

We deliver real results through a well-considered approach that takes into account our clients’ business reality and their people.

Meet Carolyn Gallaway

Carolyn is a progressive thinker when it comes to how we shape tomorrow’s workforce. With origins in the recruitment industry, she has seen first-hand the tangible gains a compelling diversity experience can bring in terms of employee engagement, effort and retention. As CEO Carolyn provides the inspiration and direction needed to ensure Diversity Dimensions remains at the forefront of workforce diversity.

 Gallaway CEO & Founder 
of Diversity

Companies we admire

The companies we admire are just like the people we admire.

  • Progressive in their thinking.
  • Genuine in their beliefs and values.
  • Respectful in their relations with friends, colleagues and customers.
  • Visionary in their leadership.