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Diversity Dimensions Launches Negotiating Flexible Working Arrangements


Are you ready for and compliant with The Fair Work Act 2009?

July 2009

The new workplace relations system will commence on 1 July 2009 with the National Employment Standards and modern awards commencing from 1 January 2010. The Diversity Dimensions Webinar series is a cost and time efficient way to become compliant with the Right to Request FlexibleWork.

The first half of 2009 has been a challenging time for employers. The Global Financial Crisis has, in many organisations, meant that diversity initiatives need to be more efficient, cost effective and more accessible than ever before. Coupled with this, we have the fast approaching effective date of the “Right to Request Flexible Work”, one of the new 10 National Employment Standards. In response to these conditions, and a continued high demand from our clients, Diversity Dimensions is proud to announce that 1st July marks the launch of our interactive live Webinars to get employees up to speed quicker and more efficiently than ever before.

A key component of our face-to-face training is the level of interaction we facilitate between participants and this is a key element that we have strived to achieve via on-line training. After extensive research, specialist design and practise, we have been able to develop an interactive 1.5 hour Webinar that is accessible to a wider market and our clients love it! Whether their needs are face-to-face or on-line training, we now have a solution that can be tailored for an internal Webinar or a public Webinar.

Senior Diversity Consultant, Kate Kennerson, who has been Project Managing our launch and will be facilitating our Webinars says, “It is very exciting to have the opportunity to deliver our training to a wider audience and I’m relieved that the product we have chosen gives me the platform to retain the interactive nature of my training over the internet. With this technology now available, it is no wonder we are experiencing an increase in demand for this type of training”.

From 1st July our "Negotiating Flexible Work for Employees" training will be available in both face-to-face and Webinar format. Our "Preparing for and Returning From Parental Leave" Seminar which is currently offered in face-to-face format will follow suit with Webinar options to be available in coming months.

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