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Breakfast Seminar in North Ryde, 7 August 2013


Experience+ Corporate Champions breakfast

Diversity Dimensions is pleased to announce its Experience+ Corporate Champions Breakfast Seminar in North Ryde that will create awareness within the local area to the benefits of the program. The seminar will be held at North Ryde Golf Club, commencing at 7.30am with an opportunity to network with various other organisations.

The Experience+ Corporate Champions program encourages workplaces to value the experience of older Australians and increase the recruitment and retention of mature age job seekers. Diversity Dimensions will provide advice and support to employers, helping them appreciate the benefits of a diverse, flexible and loyal workforce.

Mr. Neville Roach AO, Chairman of the Advisory Board of Tata Consultancy Services in Australia and New Zealand and current member of the Government’s Advisory Panel on Positive Ageing, will be the guest speaker for the event. Mr. Roach will talk about the role of the Advisory Panel on Positive Ageing, its recent activities and the importance of mature age participation in the workforce.

Diversity Dimensions recognises Mr Roach’s beneficial insights into the retention and benefit of mature aged workers in Australia. Mr Roach will be joined by Vittoria Borazio, Managing Director of Diversity Dimensions. Ms Borazio said “we are keen to start working with employers to show them the benefits mature age Australians can bring to the workplace – things like reliability, experience and loyalty. We hope that this seminar will help employers see that employing and retaining mature age workers is a smart thing to do”.

Ms Borazio will cover how businesses can benefit from a package of mature age assistance including up to $20,000 worth of assistance for Corporate Champions, a $1,000 Job Bonus and grant up to $4,400 for skills recognition and training for mature age workers.

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