people’s choice

People’s Choice chooses to 
put its people first


"In these past 12 months 
we have observed an increase in the capability of our leadership team to respond and accommodate diversity in its forms."

Joanne Jones — Head of People and Culture, February 2016

People’s Choice Credit Union faced the challenge of how best to support a growing population of mature aged employees moving towards retirement age.

Through targeted training for management and employees Diversity Dimensions worked with People’s Choice to:

  1. Enable mature aged employees to take proactive control of their future through career and retirement planning.
  2. Equip management with practical skills for supporting employees in their career and retirement planning.
  3. Equip management with more general skills for managing a diverse workforce.
  4. Provide management with valuable knowledge management strategies to facilitate knowledge transfer so that key knowledge and skills aren’t lost when mature aged members retire.



By anticipating in advance the potential risks of an aging workforce, and acting proactively to redress these, People’s Choice has succeeded in building a responsive leadership environment to enable diversity and change throughout the company.