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Our fifth Woolworths Resourcing the Future Contract


At the completion of the 26 week program 85% were still employed.

1 July 2014

Following the completion of the fourth Indigenous Employment Panel (IEP) contract that Diversity Dimensions has conducted on behalf of Woolworths Limited retention results continue to highlight of the success of the Resourcing the Future Program.

Keeping people engaged once they start work is a primary focus of the program with ongoing mentoring carried out for the first 26 weeks of employment. This mentoring identifies the many barriers to employment that long term unemployed people face when transitioning back into the workforce and helps to overcome these barriers while setting goals to attain positive ongoing employment outcomes.

Of the 100 Indigenous Jobseekers placed with Woolworths over the term of this contract since April 2013. 96% remained employed at the 13 week milestone while at the completion of the 26 week program 85% were still employed.

Diversity Dimensions continually strives to increase retention levels by fine tuning the program to meet the many individual needs of its participants. Since being granted its first contract in 2010 the program has seen over 500 people placed in positions across Woolworths brands including Big W, Supermarkets and Masters Home Improvements stores.

Chief Executive Officer of Diversity Dimensions, Carolyn Gallaway says that these results are extremely gratifying. “We strive to achieve life changing outcomes for our Indigenous clients. The Resourcing the Future program is especially gratifying as it truly embodies our company philosophy to Embrace, Engage, Empower in everything we do” she said.

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